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Introducing HogTown Smoke

In 2011, Scott Fraser came home to his wife and kids and said “I want to start a food truck.” This is the origin of Hogtown Smoke. Starting with a Weber Kettle BBQ and a copy of Canadian Chef Ted Reader’s book on rubs, Scott liked to pretend to be a pitmaster in his backyard. He quickly became passionate about barbecue as a cuisine, a pastime and as a business venture. Scott spent years traveling all over the lower 49, looking for inspiration and experience in the heart of barbecue culture. Chance meetings with some of the great BBQ legends drove his love and understanding of smoked meats, and upon returning to Canada he opened the Hogtown Smoke food truck with a dollar and a dream. Known for his over-the-top, drip-down-your-hands creations, Scott’s food truck swiftly fulfilled that dream - winning awards at the Canadian National Exhibition, and drawing a line-up wherever it was parked.

Our Success

The undeniable success of the food truck led to a homey brick-and-mortar in Toronto’s Beaches community. Opening its doors in 2013, the Beaches location became an instant favourite among locals and barbecue enthusiasts alike. Again drawing crowds from all over Toronto and the surrounding area, Hogtown Smoke in the Beaches has become a staple in authentic Low ‘n Slow Barbecue in Toronto. A summer visit will find you on the bustling but hidden-away back patio for some sticky ribs and craft cocktails, while a winter visit will give you a comfy, family-style meal with service to remember.

Hogtown Smoke is open daily from noon until 10pm, but be warned that menu items do sell out. Diners looking to indulge should keep an eye out for specials.

The success of the Hogtown name has brought a new location to Kensington Market, the city’s funkiest and most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood. Nestled in the heart of the market, the new location is sure to bring the attention of food lovers, patio dwellers, and bourbon connoisseurs alike.

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